Our First Dive Back At Bush Terminal


Last Thursday, we went back into open water for the first time this season at Bush Terminal.  The water was about 54 degrees and it was about 60 degrees outside.  The water was cold but it wasn’t extremely freezing.  I was able to dive without a hood or over layer.


The junior class was there to do Full Face Mask skills.  We had to remove the full face mask, grab our alternate regulator, put on our backup mask, and re adjust the straps on the FFM to get ready to place them back on fully submerged.  Then using the regulator and purge button, we had to clear the mask and signal “okay” when completed.

image1 (1)

Also, we had to work on comm box and tending skills.  Lenny would send two divers out on comms and have them dive for about 20 minutes, while there were also two tenders on the surface making sure the diver had enough slack, and basically being the diver’s life line.  He also had someone on the comm box and would have them communicate with the divers as they continue their dive.


Overall, this dive was fun and exciting.  It was a great introduction to the season and I am very excited to continue diving.  Especially since I am finally allowed to use a Full Face Mask.


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