Fishers Island Working Experience

Sophomore and Junior divers spent Memorial Day weekend on a working trip to Fishers Island, NY.

On this trip, Juniors and seniors were tasked with recovering fallen oyster bags and collecting large oysters that had been scattered along the harbor floor. They had to use lift bags to bring up both the oyster bags and the baskets full of large oysters (dead and alive) . The water was freezing but the divers persevered. The divers successfully retrieved 11 oyster bags and baskets full of 1400 oysters! All of the oyster bags were replaced in their designated spots and 600 live oysters were back to the school to be used as broodstock.

Sophomores worked on their Open Water training and working on perfecting their buoyancy.

The dive team spent day 2 on the trip at the oyster nursery. Students took turns driving the raft and the small boat across the lake. There were many mishaps such as: the raft beginning to sink due to there being too many people on it, getting the small boat’s rudder stuck in sand and senior diver Joyce and instructor Lenny having to climb out of the boat to push us, and other wild things. But we all happen to be fantastic problem solvers, so any setback we had was fixed easily, and we always had fun doing so!

juniors2 fishers
Divers on their way to work
juniors fishers
Junior Divers at the dock
fishers divers
Nature walk!
fishers raft
There were too many of us on this raft
mel fishers
Junior diver Melanie assembling her gear
zoe fishers
Zoë enjoying lunch after a hard day of work

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