The other day we were watching “Chasing Coral” and I realized just how bad things were getting under water. Coral is a vital component of our ecosystem and our everyday lives, but how often do you hear about the major bleeching events that have occured, on the news? We have already had three. Three world-wide deaths of all coral species. I went under water today, paying extra attention to the health of the coral that surrounded me. I started to notice the lack of color myself. That’s when it truly hit me that I needed to do something more, so we teamed up with the Coral Restoration Foundation through Youth Diving With a Purpose and helped clean the coral nursery to prepare for the out planting that will take place tomorrow. In the long term we hope that this will allow for expansion and growth of healthier reefs in our oceans. I am proud to be apart of something great and make a difference for the millions of people on Earth.


YDWP072017-295YDWP072017-841YDWP072017-1106 - Copy

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