In the eleventh grade dive class, we have been working on getting our Rescue Diver Certification. We trained primarily at Bush Terminal Park in Brooklyn. The divers along with myself were working on this certification since last year. There are a number of requirements we needed to complete in order to get our certification. First thing we needed to do is get CPR, AED, first aid, and emergency oxygen administration certified from DAN (Divers Alert Network). It took a lot of work and dedication but after about two months we were officially certified. Then it was time for us to start practicing our Rescue Diving skills in the open water. These skills included: unresponsive diver at the surface and underwater, rescue a panicked diver on surface and underwater, rescue a distressed diver underwater, search for missing diver by using multiple search patterns. At the end of this course we had to complete two rescue scenarios working together as a group, using the rescue skills above. After finishing our two rescue scenarios, as of November 2, 2017 we have successfully completed our Rescue Diver Certification. Congratulations Liam, Joanna, Chris, Hannah, Oskar, Crismaris, Zerina, Manny and Me!

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