A Successful Fundraiser! – Justin Spinelli


The fundraiser for Professional Diving was a success. Melanie Longo, a senior in the Professional Diving program who started the fundraiser, helped raise almost 5000 dollars for the diving program. Many people from all jobs and walks of life joined us at the seaport museum. There were stations in which visitors would engage with Lenny Speregen’s former commercial diving gear, or be put into an scenario where you would assemble objects in darkness, followed by caping a simulated oil leak. There were also stations where children and adults would paint oyster shells and talk to some of the members in the diving class. There were tons of oysters eaten as well.

Overall, the Professional Diving program thanks everyone that came out to support our program alongside the Billion Oyster Project. Every donation helped our program by becoming stronger with the community it’s in, educating people on our purpose in the harbor, and producing better divers!

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