How hard can it be to find a compass in the NY Harbor? – Jericho

I remember getting ready for a dive, it was a hot sunny day. My buddy was Justin, our goal was to roam the bottom of the harbor in order to find these small metal object shaped like grenades, they are use to map out the bottom of the harbor. they emit a sonar pulse that a machine picks and makes a sonar map. In preparing for the dive, I took a compass, but in the process of putting on the compass on the compass part popped out the wrist band and drop into the harbor. Justin and I had another goal now, one that the teacher didn’t know of: to find the sonar object and the missing compass part. Justin goes down first and then I do. Scanning the bottom when we first drop down Justin hit the bottom like a rock bringing up the dirt and fogging up the bottom, it was so bad the flashlight became useless. All the debris floating made it in possible to find anything, so Justin and I continue our dive to look for the sonar objects only to find none. Just rusted over garbage. We return to the start point and searched one more time thinking if it was there, it was buried under dirt or moved by the tides. As we returned to the surface and waited almost half an hour for team #2 to go down which consisted of Harold and Matt. They both go down and the first thing we hear from the com box is Harold, in a mocking tone, that he found the compass. His team then return and that was the end of the dive.


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