Dutch Springs and Open Water diving with Sophomores- Chris W.

My first day working with the sophomores was a blast. The sophomores were working on getting Open water certified at Dutch Springs. They worked diligently and sufficiently on getting tasks done. Each group I worked with, although at times struggling with equipment or equalizing, worked through any  struggles and eventually got it together. Getting to see a new year of divers use the skills that they’ve learned so far this year was truly a humorus but awesome experience. They practiced different skills such as doing safety stops and navigation. The whole experience must’ve been overwhelming, being able to use what they have been taught in the pool in the open water. Watching the sophomores for the first time reach 60 feet and complete their open water certification was a cool experience and I am grateful to have been a part of it. Also just being able to just visit Dutch Springs again but with more experience and new sets of skills was amazing. I had a great time working with sophomore and watching them prosper as new divers. I hope I can countinue to work with them.

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