Struggling With Proper Buoyancy and Knots! by Deanna S.

Being a sophomore in the Professional Diving program means learning the ins and the outs of being a great diver. It is the start of your career as a diver which means you learn the most important basics that you need to succeed. You are always going to struggle with something, it’s human nature. Nobody is perfect.

Personally, my struggles were Peak Performance Buoyancy and Knots. Finding neutral buoyancy is the key to being a successful diver. Without neutral buoyancy, you will be stirring up the bottom which ruins the visibility and/or disturbing the beautiful aquatic life, risking their lives, thus ruining the dive. Buoyancy as you can tell is crucial. My struggles with buoyancy were mainly caused by my inability to find the weight I needed to be able to be perfectly buoyant. It was a constant back and forth between Lenny, our teacher, Joe and I trying to figure out what the weight I needed both in the pool and in Dutch Springs. On my second Dutch Springs dive, I was able to finally figure out my perfect weight thus equaling an amazing dive with amazing buoyancy. A few pool dives later I was able to find perfect buoyancy and was caught in the action by a fellow sophomore diver.

My second struggle was knots. Knots are basically the bane of my existence. I have never struggled with something so much other than my buoyancy and my sinus issues. The funny thing about my struggles with knots were that it wasn’t really all knots in general. It was one singular knot. My arch nemesis the Bowline. See it may seem easy as pie by that diagram I am supplying you with because it is only three steps. But it was pure torture. It took me an entire week to figure out how to master it. I went around the school asking people how they did it and not once did I get it until I went underwater with senior Melanie Longo. Funny I guess I work better underwater. Melanie knew of my struggle with the bowline as she was one of the people I asked. She made sure I did not give up and I sure appreciate it. What is even more amazing was that I was able to do it with no mask on more than 10 times!



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