My experience with YDWP by Jared L.


Over the summer I went on a trip with 3 of my fellow school members and several other divers, from different places all over the USA, to Florida for Youth Diving with a Purpose or YDWP. Everyday we would take a boat out to Key Largo and dive as a group. On the first couple of days we had to do dry runs of what we would be doing in the water. The dry run consisted on finding artifacts from shipwreck and managing or navigation skills before we went into the water , placing a flag next to it, and measuring the distance from it and the baseline then trilating. It was easy and I felt as if  I could accomplish this in the water with no problem. But our first dive trying to locate artifacts, placing pin flags, trilaterations, and Insitu drawings was a lot harder than I expected. Then, on the last dive we did, the whole group had finally been accustomed to the process and completed our work. The last thing to do was to draw out our findings on a site map with our groups. The experience of YDWP was great and improved my skills as a diver.YDWP072017-374

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