Getting Advanced Open Water Certified By Diego S.

Becoming an advanced open water diver was great. It didn’t just teach me the different ways you can dive but how much fun diving actually is when your not worrying about buoyancy, trim, air, navigation,etc. You get to see so much and get to relax once you get the first months of hard work and studying (knowledge reviews), which I thought were terrible but were super important, out the way. There are so many things to look at if you don’t focus on any of these skills because you know you’ve mastered them. At the end of ninth grade, at one of the town hall meetings /grade meetings, Lenny came up to the microphone and said ”Look, I’m not gonna lie. Diving is a lot of work and you have to be willing to put those extra hours from your weekends and free time in for diving or else you won’t get anywhere in the program.” I told myself I was ready to put in those extra hours because I knew diving wasn’t just hard work – it was fun.  You get to breathe underwater! To me and many others in the diving program – that is awesome and important. Like at first, you don’t think about it but when you do think about it, it just blows your mind. After ninth grade, when I had gotten into the program I was pumped, ready to start my new Professional Diving class, and from there on I tried my best to stay on top of all the work we had to do. (Except for that one Dutch Springs dive, but it’s fine because I made it up) And now that I kept pushing myself through the Dutch Springs dives and the pool dives and all of the dives we did in the Bahamas because I told myself there would be a pot of gold (a new certification) every time I worked hard and just pushed through everything.  I am now Advanced Open Water certified.



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