Divemaster Training in the Bahamas – By Melanie L. – Senior

January 21st marked our first day in the Bahamas with the Sophomores. Everyone was super excited to get away from the cold weather and dark waters of NYC. I was especially excited to continue my Divemaster training. Throughout the week I had the chance to lead dives, perform the salvage of engines and a mini cement mixer off of the boat house, and bond with the future of the Professional Diving program. It was an amazing experience watching them grow from “Soft-mores” to Sophomores. Their skills improved dramatically dive after dive. My favorite memory of this trip was at one of our dive sites called The Saddle where I was 20 ft down with Steven waiting for his ears to clear when we got surrounded by 10 Black Tip sharks (my favorites!).


I was so excited watching them and Steven didn’t even crack smile until a French Angelfish passed us by. That’s when he went crazy to get my attention and make sure I saw it. I couldn’t believe this, their first dive and they see several sharks surround them without any appreciation! All in all, it was a great trip and I gained a lot of unforgettable experiences and knowledge. Thank you Lenny, Zoë, and the Billion Oyster Project for making it all possible.

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