Diving, the Second Family, By Ashley R.

Diving has become a huge part of my life. Over the past few months of being in the dive program I’ve grown a strong passion for it and its become something I eagerly look forward to. Diving has also brought along some very great people in my life who I’m glad to say I’ve gotten closer with and worked hard to create a strong bond. I didn’t think I could meet a more supportive group of students and teachers who work with each other so effortlessly to get the job done. As a whole we all work great with one another and help pick each other up. If someone is struggling with a task, we don’t leave them behind, we all work together to try to get back on track. we’ve all learned the importance of teamwork and why it’s so important to work together. When you’re 60 ft+ down in dutch springs all you have is your buddies so it’s vital to gain some sort of bond that makes working together not only enjoyable but safe. As we get closer we also learn how to be more independent and how to handle some issues on our own. We get the hard truth that nobody is going to hold our hand and guide us through life forever. We all look out for each other and work hard to make sure nobody falls between the cracks. We share a boatload of laughs and memories that not everyone could relate to. In a way, the people in diving has become my second family, and that’s something I will definitely always be grateful for.


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