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The image left on us by our instructors

(aka) best pictures of Lenny on google

~Danny. R

Whenever your writing one of these, the most common question is “how do I start?”. Well, I’ve found out how to just start. Today I am analyzing the 5 best pictures of Lenny on google and analyzing the impact that our instructors have on us and our daily lives

“let me think about it”

“Let me think about it” is the title of this picture. It captures the raw essence of Lenny thinking about something. What is he thinking about? Well….. the world may never know.

“Alright pal”

As New Yorker’s we’ve all had that one moment of “alright pal, good for you, keep walking”. This is Lenny’s alright pal face.

“Bada bing bada BOOM!”

It’s just one of those sayings. You throw up the gun fingers and say “ aye bada bing bada boom”. Pretty sure he took it too literally though.

“Uhh okay sure”

You’ve got to be pulling my leg. That moment where you start a joke and your friends like “uhh okay sure,” And they do a sarcastic laugh giggle.

“The statue of Lenberty”

I can only describe this one as Lenny trying to do an impression of the statue of liberty. It’s pretty good, he only needs the torch to match.

No, obviously this one is not of Lenny, but of Lenny, Zoë, and their students. Everyone has something to learn from them. Not just “two is one and one is none”. They help us learn how to become better humans. How to succeed and how to live. Overall, I’ve learned so much from them, Zoë taught me to take a step back and enjoy the little things. Lenny has taught me how to relax and make friends and to have fun on the job. But most of all, we learn from each other. We’re all better young adults because of it. This experience at harbor and in this program has really exposed me to the best things a kid could want; friends, experiences, and most of all a bigger family. The image they leave on us is to be like them, that’s what I strive to do.


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