Crismaris’s ffm experience

In the 11th grade, We began learning about the aspects of the full face mask. We learned about specific parts, how to set up the mask, and how to take it apart. So far we’ve learned so many things about this mask. As you can see in the images my peers are wearing the mask and breathing from it. This photo was taken the first time we put on the FFM. That same day we learned how to put the FFM mask on in order, it’s pretty simple you will need to start from bottom and make your way to the top and loosen all the clips/straps. We also learned one method that would work to equalize. Which is slightly lifting up your mask against your nose and pushing air out through your nose. We will all be working with this FFM at the pool to get comfortable with it and use the knowledge we have learned so far about them. Which many of us are very excited to try!

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