Quincy’s top ten dive sites


Top 10 Best Dive Sites

This is my opinion on the top 10 best dive sites in the world. There is a variety of dives from drift, wreck, and exploration dives. All of the dives shown involve much marine biodiversity. I found the dives interesting for me due to how exotic and the cool attractions that are at the sites. Also because of the places where these dive sites are that i would like to visit as well. Furthermore these dives are on my bucket list on going to and diving in those areas. So here is your top 10 list of best dives around the world.

10. Kona Mantas

Kona Mantas — Hawaii, USA

Where: Big Island,Hawaii,USA

Description: Imagine kneeling on the shallow bottom of Keyhole point with mantas gliding through the darkness. The mantas wingspan stretch about 16 ft long. While swimming with them they keep their mouths open to suck in plankton. They swim across the bottom and even swim on top of divers heads. By lighting your light underwater you light up the plankton and thus attract more mantas around you with open mouths. It’s a very popular night dive spot to see the mantas in their natural feeding behavior and habitat.

9. Barracuda Point

Diving under big school of Barracudas

Where: Sipadan Island, Malaysia

Description: Just think for a moment about diving and watching a school of barracuda circling around like a tornado. This world class Malaysia dive spot has a 800 meter drop off. It does have occasional strong sweeping currents but the view is to die for. It is even home to other creatures as well such as Sea Turtles, Buffalo Fish, and Coconut Crab. Also beautiful slopes of coral wall all around the sandy bottom. This will keep plenty of divers entertained.

8. Blue Corner

Scuba Diving Blue Corner, Palau

Where: Palau, Micronesia

Description: This is a popular wall dive spot for many divers. It has strong currents for a challenging dive. Plus it is an excellent opportunity to see sharks and other marine biodiversity. This dive site includes a variety of different coral on the bottom. It is easy to access to get to from a private boat.

7. The Yongala

Scuba diving at Yongala wreck, Queensland, Australia

Where: Queensland, Australia

Description: This dve site is a haven for wreck divers. The wreck is 109 feet down. Sadly you can not go into the wreck due to the Historic Shipwrecks Act. There is still plenty of marine wildlife to see as well. Such as Manta rays, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and coral. Also cool coral formations, it is accessible from Ayer Township.

6. Liberty Wreck

Diving on the USAT Liberty wreck. Tulamben, Bali island

Where: Bali, Indonesia

Description: Another great wreck dive from 9-30m. It is great for all divers whether begining or advanced. It is a photographer’s favorite spot due to the abundance of life. The current is very still for easy swimming. Visibility is up to 30 meters. Perfect spot to explore and take great photos.

5. The Cenotes

Where: Mexico

Description: If you want to something really cool dive a cenote. These are freshwater sinkholes formed when the roofs of limestone caverns collapse and filled with water. The Yucatan’s elaborate cenotes have cool cave systems and underground tunnels to dive through. These cenotes inhabit pristine turquoise waters and a beautiful array of stalagmites and stalactites formed over millions of years ago. This spot is a challenge and most divers must have great buoyancy to swim without touching the stalagmites. Plus amazing look at beautiful underwater caves built before our time.

4. Great Blue Hole

Where: Belize

Description: Imagine diving into an incredibly deep hole edged with coral reefs. The hole itself is 143 meters deep with a sloping descent. It is the world’s largest formation of its kind. This site is home to many mako and other sharks. The visibility is great and a popular spot for many divers. The best times to go to this site is between April and June.

3. Silfra

8. silfra, iceland

Where: Pingvellir, Iceland

Description: This chilly dive is the only dive you can swim between two continents — North America and Europe. From above it looks like a lake but below you will be hovering over a gap where the tectonic plates meet. The water is so pure you can actually take a sip from it. Another thing is the visibility is 90 meters which practically perfect. There is even a 600 meter cave with water temperature at -4 Celcius. Make sure to suit up warm.

2. Burroo Ned

50. Buroo isle of man

Where: Isle of Men, United Kingdom

Description: This chilly drift dive is in the Irish sea. At the dive are overhanging rock gullies with creatures hiding and looking for plankton. There you can even see some octopus and grey seals swimming around for food. It is up to 40 meters and visibility is from 10-30 meters. At the dive site you even see an old ship beam covered in colorful sea anemones.

1. Darwin’s Arch

See the source image

Where: Galápagos, Ecuador

Description: If your craving big marine life to see this dive site is the best. From there you see massive whale sharks that patrol the blue to many sea turtles. As you continue diving you can catch glimpses of tiger sharks, moray eels, eagle rays and to top of schools of hammerheads. Visibility is amazing and great weather so no issue when arriving by boat. This dive site takes the cake and the frosting too.


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Top 10 best dive sites in the World

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