Armani’s Bahamas experience

Eleuthera; the name alone probably doesn’t ring a bell, well it doesn’t for most people at least. Eleuthera is one of many islands in a more widely known archipelago called The Bahamas. The reason people don’t really know of this beautiful island is because the island stands in the shadow of many other islands that are nearby. This is unfortunate because my experience in Eleuthera was one I will cherish for years to come.

In January, the Professional Diving program at New York Harbor School took a trip to Eleuthera, in The Bahamas. This trip was anything but ordinary. We went to get our Advanced Open Water Certifications In warm, deep water, along with a beautiful climate and a bunch of friendly staff at The Island School. Each day consisted of a morning run, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two boat dives. It had the perfect balance of work and leisure. It taught me how to be independent, but also work as a team. It taught me responsibility, and it showed me how to be a better diver to not only myself but to my buddies as well. Not only did I get my Advanced Open Water, but I also got a memory that will stick with me through my entire diving career!




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