Kaitlyn A. Blog !!!!! P.D

Being part of the diving program holds a lot of responsibility, one of my biggest responsibilities is to take care of the fish tank in the diving classroom. Bubbles was rescued from an oyster cage off the Eco-dock by divers. Bubbles lives in a 10 gallon tank, off to the side in the diving room. In the tank shown below is bubbles, live oysters, and oyster shells.

Bubbles is an oyster toadfish, who’s scientific name is Opsanus tau. A lot of people think this fish is very ugly, but it isn’t. It has patchy brown and black skin. Bubbles loves shrimp, crabs, and sometimes other small dried fish. Bubbles has been with me for about two years now and I don’t want to pass him down but I will have to. I am constantly checking ph, the salinity and the filter. I come in early and stay late for bubbles. Bubbles likes being alone and it’s pretty cool. Diving has given us so many opportunities and I am glad to be attending Suny Maritime, studying marine environmental science and learn more about the oyster toadfish.

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