Hannah Fox – Blog post

We have been working on our first aid training in sophomore diving ever since we got back from the Bahamas trip. In the course we have learned how to assess the scene, perform log roles, CPR, and several other very useful skills.

It has been a great learning and bonding experience for the entire class to rely on each other in a way we never have before. So many amazing questions are being asked every day about the most obscure things someone could possibly think of. My top 5 favorites are as follows (in no particular order)

-“What if while you are performing CPR you have a heart attack and there’s no one else around?”

-“Why do the CPR dummies have a jaw???”

-“Hey Lenny, what’s the weirdest situation you’ve ever had to save a life in?”

-“How are you supposed to know if the wires are on?”

-“What happens if you don’t listen to the defibrillator and zap when you want to?”

Learning all of the skills we have has just been an overall great experience in how to think in a good way for problem solving and always come prepared for unexpected situations. The course we have been doing has around 30 chapters and we are currently up to chapter 22, when we learn about diabetes, asthma, and heart attacks. Lenny, Zoë, and Joe have been great at keeping the lessons both fun and informative at the same time.

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