Simon’s Bahamas trip

Professional Diving, we are a class of 48 in total. As our name implies, we scuba dive. Most people come into the program not even knowing how to swim, but now we are all certified divers and training to be more than that. We, as a TEAM, working together make the dream work, so we all went down to the Bahamas where the sun shines bright and the ocean is clear.

Down at the Island School located somewhere on a island, we trained ourselves mentally and physically. We would wake up early in the morning just to get more time out of our day. We carried gear up and down roads, ran for miles, and dived for hours. But at the end of all the harsh labor we came out with something that we didn’t have going in, Responsibility! Spending a whole week taking care of ourselves and maintaining our daily activities while helping others really changed our view on life. It showed that we cannot manage on our own, even if we think we can, there’s always a need for someone to help you and them pass the finish line. So we all need to take responsibility, be there waiting, and ready to jump in whenever they are needed!

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