The sophomore First aid training by Monica M.

In the sophomore diving class we are currently working on first aid. To get a true feeling about how a real emergency situation would work we get to act out scenarios and have classmates respond to our situation. This is great because I know that I learn from a more visual experience. Not only was it interesting to see how the other students would react but it was also very entertaining. I was told ahead of time that I would be acting out a scene where I collapse onto a carpet. The only thing the students knew when walking into class was that I was going to become a victim. When everyone was seated I collapsed onto the carpet and remained silent. Many students thought I actually collapsed but soon understood when two other students came in to assess the scene. From this scene we learned that it is important to manage your time well and make the best use of your time.

We also learned how to log roll someone into a recovery position if we have detected a pulse but they are unresponsive or feeling I’ll. We all got to demonstrate what we learned in the center of the class which was very intimidating but reasonable because in a real situation we should be prepared to do it anywhere with anyone one around. We are still training to become first aid providers but I can tell that this is a very useful course that anyone can benefit from.

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