Dutch Springs

Dutch Springs is a freshwater diving quarry in Bethlehem, PA, generally used for training dives and fun dives. Dutch Springs contains many interesting artificial reefs for divers to explore. In fact, even the hole itself is man-made. There are various underwater platforms for training and there are also submerged vehicles, air crafts and other unusual dive sites. This unique dive site is one of the favorites among the professional diving students. It has something for everyone whether you are working for your open water certification or just going on a fun, deep dive.

It is a 50-acre lake that has attractions down at 100 feet. The quarry was originally purchased in 1933 by the the National Portland Cement Company and was used as a mining site. It was often flooded and had to be pumped out. In 1980 the property was purchased and converted into a huge dive site. It’s one of the largest freshwater SCUBA facilities in the country.

Creatures that can be found there are: carps, lake trout, and that’s about it.