To apply for an internship through the Summer Youth Employment Program:

By March 19th show the following to Lenny:

  • Updated professional resume
  • Completed I9 form – copies can be found in the dive classroom
  • Identification for work authorization –  US Passport – if don’t have a passport, see other options on the I9 form
  • Working Papers – get from Judy if you don’t already have
  • Create account here and input your personal information

After school on March 25th, be prepared to attend an on-boarding session at 39 Broadway, 31st Floor. Bring all the original documents from the list above, dress in business casual or your school uniform, and be prepared for an interview.

Job description and application information for BOP Summer Internships will be posted here on April 15th, 2019

About Internships

Qualified juniors and seniors are provided with the opportunity to gain industry work experience as part of the DOE’s Work Based Learning program. Our internship program is constantly expanding. At the moment we have students working as interns for the Billion Oyster Project, assisting in the planning, executing and reporting of the scientific dive operations involved in installing and maintaining oyster reefs. Senior interns have been hard at work cleaning aquarium exhibits (from the inside!) and educating the public at the WCS New York Aquarium. Other opportunities may include working at dive shops or for commercial dive operators.

Internships begin for select juniors during their Spring semester. Senior year, internships take place for during some portions of block and after school fall and/or spring semester. BOP opportunities are also available to rising juniors and seniors for six weeks over the summer months.

Internships must be earned and are not a guarantee for everyone. Requirements to become an intern are as follows:

  • Updated professional resume & cover letter
  • Updated Work Skills Employability Profile (WSEP)
  • WBL documentation
    • Working Papers
    • SIF 1 Parental Consent
    • SIF 2 Training Plan
    • I-9 Documentation (for paid internships)
  • Completed Internship Guide if previously employed through WBL
  • Good school attendance
  • Passing CTE class and approval from your CTE teacher
  • Proposed schedule with days and hours for a typical work week
  • If applying for an internship as a Scientific Diver, student must be a senior who has completed or is well on the way to completing Scientific Diver training

NOTE: Not being on track to graduate may make you ineligible for an internship.

2018/2019 School Year Diving Interns

This year’s diving seniors hold individualized positions assisting The Professional Diving Program and BOP. Sophomores and Juniors who are interested in learning aspects of any of the following jobs should contact the appropriate senior via our slack channel:


Zerina Charles

Talk to Zerina if you need help finding or editing a photo or video for any reason or want to check out a camera for a dive.


Jackson Robertson & Oskar Baldwin

Contact Jackson Or Oskar if you have any suggestions, want to assist with the website or join the blog writing team.

Social Media Director

Leslie Polanco

Leslie is the one to send pictures of diving activities or updates on anything going on in the NYHS dive world you think should be shared with the public. Let her know if you are interested in becoming a social media representative for you grade.


Robert Wigren

Talk to Robert with any issues about Slack, if you have questions or ideas about grade integration, or work with other CTEs. He’s the one to go to if you have any ideas for group activities, are looking for academic help from another dive student, or have an idea for T-shirt design!


Hannah Ferenczy, Crismaris Peralta, & Joanna Argudo

Contact them with any ideas about raising money for the program or if you want to help out with fundraising events, bake sales or assist with planning for the Giant Stride party.


Liam Daretany

Contact Liam if you have a contact or know of a person or organization that should be a partner of ours or would make a good classroom speaker. He’s also your go to for van packing/unpacking scheduling issues.


Christopher Morales

Chris will be working on the gear locker helping keep our equipment clean and working properly. Talk to him if you have any gear issues or trouble finding equipment you need.

Swimming instructors/Lifeguards

Emanuel Sevilla and Korey Soomai

These two will be teaching Saturday morning swimming classes at Bushwick High School. Talk to them if you’d like some pointers on your swimming technique.