NY Aquarium

The New York Aquarium, arguably one of the best dive sites, other than at the island school in the Bahamas. Here you will have access to lots of tropical fish, big and small, swimming about. You will be in the tanks cleaning the reefs off and making sure the public side of the aquarium is looking good.

There are a couple tanks that we are tasked with cleaning. The first is Glover’s reef. Glover’s is a large tropical tank, filled with Cow Nose Rays, Queen Angelfish, a large Moray Eel, and plenty more. The second being the penguin tank in sea cliffs. With a small leopard shark, pin fish, sea bass, and tons of Black-footed Penguins (nicknamed the Jackass penguin due to their loud honking noises.) DCIM100MEDIA

The aquarium is a privilege you earn when you get to senior year. It is extremely important that we show great amounts of respect and care when we are there, or else we may lose it. Overall it is extremely fun, and a great opportunity to experience tropical fish all the way here up in New York.