Leslie P.’s Stress test experience

On February 8th my class and I attended the Bushwick campus pool, where we usually do our training for upcoming certifications.

While at the pool we start with training and attempting to complete our swim test to become scientific divers. Then we do either a fun dive, a refresher course on past certifications or a stress test. That day we decided to do a stress test in two large groups of about six people, a stress test is an examination that shows how well you can work in a group during a complicated situation while diving. For example each group had to retrieve their gear from the bottom of the pool with no mask, weight, or fins and come up as a group while having their gear on correctly. My team went first,. We chose to send groups of two down to untangle everything, another two to separate gear, and the final two were assigned to help others with helping them find and put on their gear. Although their were some complications at the beginning, we ended up completing the task in about 23 minutes, and yes the second group beat us with a time record of 15 minutes.

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