Professional Diving by Steven St. P

My life as a diver has been great so far. Being in Professional Diving has a lot of “highs” and “lows” that turn people away but also draw people in. Even though I’m only a sophomore, I feel like Professional Diving has shaped my life in a humongous way. For starters, I had to wake up every Saturday and do something. In Freshman year I was basically a couch cat, I stayed at home and did nothing on the weekends (except storing body fat). But now that we have mandatory pool sessions on Saturday’s I’ve been up and active which feels better than doing nothing, especially if it’s having fun in the water. Professional Diving has also made me see New York City in a different way. Before the harbor school, I barely knew any water bodies in NYC, I didn’t even know what oysters were! But now a couple months into the year we have dived in Jamaica Bay which was great to watch because I didn’t know this area existed before! Also the oysters, I didn’t know what they were or what they did but now I can’t wait to help plant oysters all over NYC. In conclusion, Professional Diving has changed a lot of what I think and see in NYC, and especially what I do on the weekends…

Class of 2020



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